Our Story Together

From my wife’s perspective in May 2014:

“When Donnie and I met, I knew it was something special. Sure, everyone says that, but I finally understand that concept. He made life really easy. Our relationship started in the quiet and stillness on campus when all distractions had faded away, and I believe that God had to remove the distractions to open both of our eyes to something new and exciting we had never experienced before. Although both of us had been beaten and bruised by past relationship failures, we were ready to take a journey together. Scared out of our minds to what was in store, we banded together because we just knew “it was meant to be”. The song “Oceans” by Hillsong has kind of been our anthem and will continue to be as we make the big move out West in the fall. We ask that God will “take us deeper than our feet have ever wandered that our faith will be made stronger”, and boy, do I truly believe that will happen!”


On May 3, 2014, we got married. Soon after, we packed up our bags and moved across the country to follow God’s calling. We left all of her family and the easy access to my family behind for an uncertain future. We then, as a couple, found our identity together clinging to the cross and ministering to our first group of students.

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